Signature Speakers

Active Audio's products have gained a global reputation for their superior sound performance, intelligibility and neutrality, and are regularly installed in prestigious, yet acoustically challenging venues.

Their products are masterminded by a team of avid engineers and bear testament to years of innovation, mature reflection and creativity. We are driven by our simple aim of achieving superlative performance without affecting the venue's aesthetics.

Vendôme takes the best of what the professional audio and high fidelity sectors have to offer. The loudspeakers in the Vendôme range deliver the same reliability as pro audio products and are capable of operating at high output levels without any deterioration in quality.

Furthermore, they can be installed in any venue with their stylish and customizable design, whether blending into the scenery or specifically used as a decorative feature.

Ultimately with the Vendôme range, loudspeakers no longer need to be hidden away out of sight. Vendôme will thrill music lovers with its acoustic qualities, including speed, transparency and natural reproduction.

Handcrafted In France
The entire Vendôme range is made in France. Each loudspeaker is hand-assembled at Active Audio in Nantes.

The Standard Series finishes are carried out by partner craftsmen according to a strict set of specifications and subsequently inspected at our offices. The Custom Series is produced by master craftsmen in Brittany. Our partner craftsmen are capable of creating a unique finish to give your Vendôme loudspeaker a truly one-of-a-kind eye-catching design.

Signature Speakers
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