Terms and conditions


Volt Distribution terms and conditions

General for products for business customers


1. The use
1.1 Applications. General sales and delivery conditions apply to all contracts for the Volt Distribution,  sale and delivery of products, parts and  services to business customers.

2. Agreement
2.1 Contractual basis. The conditions, together with the company's offer and order confirmation-cuts the overall agreement based on Volt Distribution's sales and delivery of products, spare parts and related services to the client. Customer purchaseorders printed on orders or otherwise communicated to the company does not form part of the contractual basis.
2.2 Changes and additions. Changes and additions to contractual framework is applicable only if the parties have agreed in writing.

3. Products, parts and services
3.1 Products and spare parts. Products and spare parts company sells and deliver to the customer is new and complies with Danish law on delivery. The company sells and provides parts to a product for at least 12 months after it is delivered to the customer.
3.2 Services. Associated benefits that Enterprise-unit sells and delivers to the customer in for-connection with the sale and delivery of products or spare parts such integration is performed in a workmanlike manner and comply with Danish law.
3.3 Limitation of Liability. Products, spare parts and related services, which company sells and delivers to the customer, is intended for use in Denmark. Notwithstanding any resist-end terms in contractual basis is The companies-it in no way responsible for any loss or damage attributable to the use for other purposes or for use outside Denmark. Only, it shall indemnify the Company, to the extent that the company had to incur liability for such loss or damage.

4. Price and payment
4.1 Price. The price of products, spare parts and related services follow the company's current price list at the time the company confirms the customer's order, unless the parties have agreed otherwise written-wonder. All prices exclude VAT.
4.2 Payment. Customer shall pay all invoices for products, parts or related services within 14 days from date of invoice receipt order, unless the parties have agreed otherwise in writing.

5. Late payment
5.1 Interest. If the customer fails to pay an invoice for products, parts or-related services in time for reasons that the company is not responsible for, has Volt Distribution entitled to interest on the amount due of 1%. month
5.2 Termination. If the customer fails to pay an overdue invoice for products, spare parts and related services within 14 days after receiving a written demand for payment from the company, has The companies-in addition to interest after section. 5.1 The right to: (i) cancel the sale of the products, parts and / or associated services, which delay is on, (ii) terminate the sale of products, spare parts and / or related services not yet delivered to the customer, or require prepayment thereof, and / or (iii) make other remedies.

6. Offers, orders and order confirmations
6.1 Offers. The company's offer is valid for 10 days from the date the offer is dated, unless otherwise specified in the offer. Ac-cept of deals that are company received after the acceptance deadline is not binding on the company unless The companies-it informs the customer otherwise.
6.2 Orders. The customer must send orders on pro-products, spare parts and related services to the company in writing. An order must be in-deholde following information for each verbatim product, part or service: (i) Order number, (ii) number, (iii) Item Description, (iv) Quantity (v) Price, (vi) Beta-ling conditions (vii) Delivery Date, (viii) Delivery address, and (ix) Leveringsbetingel-watching.
6.3 Order confirmations. The company strives to provide confirmation or refusal of an order for products, spare parts and related services to the customer in writing within 2 working days after receipt of order. Bekræftel-looking and refusal of orders must be in writing in order to bind the company.
6.4 Changes of orders. The customer can not modify a pending order for products, parts or related services without Company's written consent.
6.5 Mismatched conditions. If Enterprise-sake confirmation of an order for produc-ing, spare parts and related services does not match the customer's order or contractual basis, and the customer does not want to accept the inconsistent conditions, the customer must notify the company in writing within 1 working days recipient-tion the order confirmation. Otherwise, the customer is bound by the order confirmation.

7. Delivery
7.1 Delivery terms. The company provides all products sold and spare parts to teams for confirmation.
7.2 Delivery. The company provides all solg-tea products, spare parts and related services to the time shown in the Enterprise-interest order confirmation. The company has the right to deliver before the agreed delivery time unless the parties have agreed otherwise.
7.3 Study. The Customer shall inspect all products, spare parts and related services delivered. If the customer discovers a defect, the customer wishes to påberå-be themselves, must be reported in writing to the company. If a defect by the customer discovers or should have discovery-get, not immediately notified in writing to Virk-company, it can not later be done Gael concerned.

8. Late delivery
8.1 Announcement. If the company expects a delay in the delivery of products, spare-vedele or related services, informs the company the customer about it and stating the reason for the delay and the new for-awaited delivery.
8.2 Termination. If the company fails to deliver products, spare parts or associate-benefits within 30 days after the agreed delivery date for reasons that the customer is not liable for, and delivery is not made within a reasonable period of mindst30 days, the customer can cancel it or orders affected by the delay, without notice by written communication to the company. The customer has no other rights for delay le-vation.

9. Warranty
9.1 Warranty. The company guarantees that pro-products, spare parts and related services are free of material errors and omissions in design, materials and workmanship for 6 months after le-provision. For parts replaced during ga-guarantee, represents the warranty period of 6 months from the replacement, not exceeding 12 months from the original delivery.
9.2 Exceptions. The company's warranty subjection-ter not wear parts such as LEDs, power supplies, light sources and misstatements due to: (i) normal wear and tear, (ii) sto-varing, installa¬tion, use or maintenance contrary to company instructions or common practice, (iii) repair or brought social change by anyone other than the Company, and (iv) other factors that Company is not responsible for.
9.3 Announcement. If the customer discovers a defect during the warranty period, the customer wishes to claim, it must be reported in writing to the company. If a defect by the customer discovers or should have discovered, not be reported in writing to the company, it can not may subsequently be invoked. The customer must provide company information for an informed defect, which the company asks.
9.4 Study. Within a reasonable time after Virk-company has received notice from only-it of a defect and examined the claim, notify the company the customer if the fault or defect covered by the warranty. The customer must request sending defective parts to the company. The customer is on-costs of and the risk of parts during transportation to the company. The company bears the cost and risk of parts during transportation to the customer if the fault or defect covered by the warranty.
9.5 Remedy. Within a reasonable time after Virk-company has submitted a notice to the customer after section. 9.4 that a defect covered by the warranty, relieve Company error or defect by: (i) replace or repair the defective parts, or (ii) send parts to the customer for the purpose of the customer's own out-replacement or repair.
9.6 Termination. If the company fails to remedy a defect covered by ga-guarantee within a reasonable time after the Company has given notice to the customer after section. 9.4, for reasons that the customer is not liable for, and the defect or deficiency is not remedied within a reasonable period of at least 40 days, Customer may terminate it or orders that are affected by the error or defect, without notice by written notice to The business. The customer has no other rights identified any reason-up of errors or defects in products, re-spare parts or related services other than those expressly stated in the section. 9th

10. Liability
10.1 Responsibility. Each party is responsible for its own acts and omissions under the law applicable to the limitations resulting from the Agreement base.
10.2 Product liability. The company is responsible for product liability with regard to the delivered products and spare parts to the extent that such liability follows from mandatory legislative solution. Customer shall indemnify Enterprise-unit, to the extent that the company may incur product liability beyond.
10.3 Limitation of Liability. Notwithstanding any opposing terms in contractual basis can not be responsible for the customer not per. calendar year total exceed 4% of the sales of products, spare parts and related services that the company's net faktu-structured, to the customer in the immediately preceding calendar year. Ansvarsbegræns¬ningen not apply if the company has acted intentionally-or gross negligence.
10.4 Indirect losses. Notwithstanding any opposing terms in contractual basis is company ik-ke liable to the Client for indirect losses, including loss of production, sales, the profits-Neste, time or goodwill, unless it is caused intentionally or through gross negligence.
10.5 Force majeure. Notwithstanding any mods toe-the terms of the contractual basis is the company not liable to the Client for the lack-the fulfillment of obligations that can be over-heard to force majeure. Responsibility liberty be-facing as long as force majeure exists. Force majeure conditions that are outside the company's control and which The companies-it could not have foreseen by the agreement. Examples of force majeure are unusual natural conditions, war, terrorism, fire, flood, vandalism and labor disputes.

11. Intellectual Property Rights
11.1 Ownership. The full ownership of all intellectual property rights concerning produc-ers, spare parts and related services, here-under patents, designs, trademarks and up-sea rights belong to the company.
11.2 Violation. If the delivered products or parts infringe any third party intellectual-le rights, the company on its own account: (i) ensure the customer the right to continue using the infringing products or spare parts, (ii) modify the infringing pro-products or spare parts so that they non-infringing, (iii) replace the infringing produc-ers or parts of some that does not infringe, or (iv) repurchase the krænken-products or spare parts for the orig-mortal net purchase price less 60% per year. years ago delivery. The customer has no other rights in anled¬ning of products, spare-vede¬les or tilknyt¬tede benefits infringement of third party intellectual property rights.

12. Confidentiality
12.1 Disclosure and use. The customer may not know-lessons from or use or enable others to use the company's corporate secrets-secrets or other oplys¬ninger whatever nature, which is not publicly available.
12.2 Protection. The customer must not make improper gain or attempt to gain knowledge or possession of The companies-its confidential information as described in section. 12.1. The customer should treat and store the data securely to prevent them accidentally others' knowledge.
12.3 Duration. Customer's obligations under the section. 12.1 to 12.2 shall apply, parties samhan part and indefinitely after samhand-lens relationship regardless of the reason for the termination.

13. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
13.1 Governing law. Trade between Parties in all respects subject to Danish law.13.2 Jurisdiction. Any dispute which may arise in connection with trade between the Parties, shall be settled by a Danish court.
13.2 Regardless of clause 13.1, VD is entitled to cancel the delivery agreement without giving the Customer a remedial period, if the cancellation is due to repeated non-payment.

14. Volt Distribution's responsibility and limitation of liability
14.1 With the limitations laid down in the Terms and Conditions, the Parties are liable to each other for damages according to the general rules of Danish law.
14.2 Unless there is gross negligence or continuation on the part of VD, however, VD is never liable for damages for consequential economic losses, operating losses, lack of savings, lost profit, goodwill, image, loss of data or costs for rebuilding data, internal time spent with the Customer or indirectly loss.
14.3 Volt Distribution is never liable for loss of property which can be attributed to:
14.3.1 Mechanical or electrical failure or breakdown, including power failure, as well as breakdown of or failure in telecommunications or satellite systems, unless such failure or breakdown is a direct consequence of VD's action or omission.
14.4 The VD's liability for damages is also, in all circumstances and regardless of the degree of negligence, limited to: I) in the case of the sale of a product or software: the agreed price for the product or software, or II) in the case of consulting services, the the smallest of the following amounts: 1) 50% of the remuneration (excl. outlays) that VD has received for the service or lack thereof to which the compensation relates or 2) DKK 20,000.

15. Product liability
15.1 For product liability, the CEO is solely responsible according to the mandatory rules in the Product Liability Act and the CEO is not liable for product liability on any other basis.
15.2 The customer is obliged to notify VD in writing without undue delay if the customer becomes aware that damage has occurred caused by the purchased item, that a third party claims that such damage has occurred, or that there is a risk of , that such damage will occur.
15.3 The Customer shall indemnify VD to the extent that VD is held liable to third parties for such damage or loss for which VD is not liable to the Customer, including damage caused by the delivered:
15.3.1 on real property or movable property, if the damage occurs when the delivered item is in the Customer's possession, or
15.3.2 on products manufactured by the Customer or on products in which the Customer's products are included, or for damage to immovable property or movable property that these products cause due to what was delivered.
15.4 VD does not incur liability for product damage, unless VD has been guilty of gross negligence or intent.

16. Force majeure and other obstacles
16.1 VD is not responsible to the Customer when, after the conclusion of the Agreement, circumstances arise which prevent or delay VD's fulfillment of the Agreement. Such circumstances can, among other things, be: war, war-like situations, mobilization, revolution, insurrection, civil riots and disturbances, terrorism-like serious disturbances of the peace, natural disasters, strikes and lockouts, failure of subcontractors, computer viruses or the like, hacking, DoS or DDoS attacks, spam or other abnormal load on VD's or the Customer's systems, orders from public authorities and rights holders, or other circumstances over which VD has no direct control. If one or more of the aforementioned circumstances occur, VD is entitled, at his own discretion, to postpone the delivery of his services or to cancel the Agreement in whole or in part without liability.
16.1.1 Terrorism is illegal acts directed at the public – e.g. an act of violence or dangerous dissemination of biological or chemical substances, which is done for the purpose of influencing political, religious or other ideological bodies or to spread fear.
16.2 If they in section 16.1 conditions mentioned persist for more than 60 days, each of the Parties can cancel the agreement without incurring liability.

17. Marketing
17.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, VD is entitled in its marketing, including on its website, to state that VD has delivered products to the Customer, including with a short case story and use of the Customer's logo. The marketing must be loyal to the Customer and comply with the confidentiality obligation in section 11.

18. Export Restrictions
18.1 The customer is aware that certain products, software and technology may be subject to national and international export restrictions and therefore may not be re-exported or imported into certain countries and is obliged to familiarize himself with these rules in all cases where a delivery is exported, re-exported or otherwise used outside Denmark, as well as Sweden, Norway, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.
18.2 The customer may not directly or indirectly, without prior approval from the manufacturer or relevant authorities, export, re-export or pass on products, software or technology supplied by VD to any country subject to a trade embargo by the U.S. or to any person/citizen or country or to any person or individual placed on the "Entity List" or "Denied Persons List" maintained by the U.S. Department of Commerce or the "Specifically Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons" list maintained by
U.S. Department of Treasury or other similar European or local legislation.
18.3 In addition, no products, software or technology provided by VD may be exported, re-exported or re-distributed to anyone involved in activities related to weapons of mass destruction. These activities include, but are not limited to, activities related to: (1) the design, development, production or use of nuclear materials, nuclear facilities, nuclear weapons; (2) design, development, production or use of missiles or support of missile projects; and (3) the design, development, production, or use of chemical or biological weapons.
18.4 The customer shall, without limitation, indemnify VD for any consequences of the Customer's violation of the provision in this point 18, including paying any fines and compensation amounts that may be imposed on VD in connection with the violation. In addition, the Customer must respond to damages according to the general rules of Danish law, as the Parties agree that loss of goodwill and consumption of internal time by the CEO in this connection are counted as direct losses.

19. Disputes
19.1 Disputes between the Parties, which cannot be resolved amicably, are dealt with according to Danish law with Copenhagen City Court as the proper place of jurisdiction. The choice of law rule does not include international private law rules of Danish law or other rules which lead to the application of other than Danish law.
19.2 VD is, regardless of the above, entitled to bring proceedings, including non-payment, at the court in the jurisdiction in which the Customer operates its business.


In addition to PART I, the following applies to software (additional provisions):

20. License Terms
20.1 The use of the software is subject to specific license conditions, which take precedence over the Parties' other agreements. The license conditions contain rules on right of use, copying, limitations of liability, etc.
20.2 Any right of use is conditional on the Customer paying any overdue license or maintenance fees in a timely manner.

21. Additional Limitations of Liability
21.1 VD is not responsible for damages caused by errors in standard software provided by third parties.


In addition to PART I, the following applies to advisory and consulting services (supplementary provisions):

22. Volt Distribution's advisory and consulting services
22.1 VD only provides advice and consultancy assistance regarding its deliveries, if this is described in a separate agreement on the provision of advice and consultancy services, where the scope of the services, prices and delivery times are specified.
22.2 Unless such an agreement states that the CEO must deliver a concrete result, the CEO must only provide assistance in the form of working hours. In such cases, the CEO is entitled to his remuneration when the working hours have been delivered.
22.3 VD is not responsible for legal advice, and the Customer is encouraged to examine for himself in each individual case whether the solutions prescribed by VD can or should legally be used by the Customer in the form delivered.

23. Additional obligations of the customer
23.1 VD has the right to use the Customer's premises and facilities free of charge to the extent necessary for VD to be able to deliver the agreed services.
23.2 The customer is obliged to maintain usual insurances, including business loss insurance, for his business, which includes the customer's use of VD's services.
23.3 The customer must ensure that the customer's systems and resources meet the requirements that may be stated in the CEO's service description as a prerequisite for
VD's deliveries, as well as the other reasonable demands that VD may make.

24. Volt Distribution's remuneration
24.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the CEO calculates his remuneration for his consulting services after the elapsed time at the CEO's usual applicable hourly rates for the consultant category in question or at the price that the CEO normally calculates for the service in question.

25. Outlay
25.1 In addition to his remuneration, the CEO is entitled to be reimbursed for all documented and reasonable expenses incurred by the CEO in connection with the performance of the tasks for the Customer, including for travel and transport costs, consumption, room rent from third parties, etc.

26. Warranties
26.1 VD's consulting services are provided by VD itself, including Volt Distribution's subcontractors, and to VD's knowledge do not conflict with third party rights.
26.2 VD's consulting services are performed by qualified personnel.
26.3 VD makes no other guarantees.

27. Delivery of services
27.1 If a consultancy service has not been agreed as a performance obligation, the effort is deemed to be delivered as the CEO consumes time on the service.
27.2 In the event of a delay due to the Customer's circumstances, VD is entitled to postpone the delivery time to the extent that VD deems this necessary. If, as a result of the Customer's delay, VD is unable to employ resources, the Customer must pay for these to have been made available according to the applicable hourly rate. However, the CEO is obliged to loyally seek to employ the resources with work for third parties.

28. Changes in the Customer's system
28.1 If the Customer, without prior agreement with VD, makes changes to its system or requires completed changes that have an impact on VD's services, VD is entitled to claim release from the agreed schedules with effect from the time of the change and demand an increase in his remuneration from the same time if the changes result in extra work for the CEO