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The IS & SB series passive subwoofers has been designed to provide a deep bass extension to column loudspeakers such as StepArray or Ray-On, for diffusion of music or AV soundtracks.

Both SB110 and the SB115 are very compact, and can be positionned horizontally or vertically, thus ensuring optimum integration.
The iS110 is ultra compact and portable, perfect for installation and small mobile kit.
The iS112 is a low profile and portable sub-woofer optimized for high precision bass reproduction.
The iS115 is a very powerful and versatile sub-woofer, compact and light.

The TB218S is designed for touring and large scale applications: exceptional SPL, with ergonomics and weight optimized for ease of handling, transport and installation.

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The "iS" range of subs consists in compact sub-woofers loaded with band pass designed for mid range applications for rental and fixed installation.

TB subwoofers consists of a variety of bass and infra bass speakers based on two different acoustic load concepts designed by APG. The dual interactive chamber concept (variation of band pass design) allows substantial reduction of volume of load, resulting in impressive low frequency:size ratio. The K-HornTM technology adds a horn to a band pass acoustic load. This exclusive technology provides a significant increase in gain of between 4 and 6 dB compared to the conventional bass reflex load and direct radiation.